Basic prototype Overview:

Basic orders approved by our cam department before 1PM Eastern ship the next business day! Premium Fee Rush is available on orders approved by our cam department before 11AM Eastern to ship the SAME business day!

Technical Support is available at (403) 250-3406 from 7AM to 3PM Mountain Time

Data Requirements:

  • Minimum size 0.250" by 0.250"
  • Maximum board size to qualify for basic prototype service is 14" by 17"
  • 0.007" minimum feature width and 0.007" minimum space between features (track to track / pad to pad / track to pad)
  • 10 pre-selected drill sizes are available free with the basic service
  • Minimum available drill size 0.016"
  • Maximum available drill size 0.250"
  • Required files

Basic prototypes Include:

  • FR4 0.062" UV Block Laminate
  • 63/37 Fused Tin-Lead over 1 Oz of Copper
  • Single-sided designs are treated as double-sided
  • Boards are routed to shape, simple rectangles or circles are free, extra complications or features will be accommodated and charged.


  • FR4 Laminate is available in 0.020", 0.031", 0.039", 0.047" and 0.092" thicknesses in addition to the standard 0.062"
  • 2 Oz Copper is available in 0.062", 0.031" and 0.092" FR4 Laminates, please note for 2 Oz Copper we will require 0.010" minimum feature and space widths
  • High Frequency Laminates are available in 0.020", 0.030", and 0.060" thicknesses
  • Same day RUSH service is available - please call for details
  • Basic contour cutting of simple rectangles and circles is now available as a basic service but inner cutouts or complex routing will be charged extra
  • Component legends and solder masks are not available as part of our quick-turn prototype service but are part of our Prototype Plus service


Please use our job estimator for an accurate quote of orders requiring quick turn Basic and Plus services. Please note the estimator's price is only as accurate as the information it is given.


Submitting Orders

Secure Online: Web Order *
Windows Client: APClient *
* orders submitted via Online ordering or APClient qualify for the 5% discount with valid credit card

Technical Support

Phone: (403) 250-3406
Technical Support is available from 7AM to 3PM Mountain Time

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